Competitive Landscape

Fantasy sports industry is in its early stage and thus little unorganized. There are predominantly very few players in different segments therefore its little difficult to understand its nuances in greater detail. The competition as such can be categorized in multiple ways and approached from different perspectives.

The table below tries to present the competitive scenario in an organized manner:

There are some players who operate in certain sports. for example predominantly focuses on Football, Fighting and Gaming. only focuses on football.

The other set of classification could be in terms of blockchain based that facilitates decentralized governance vs non-blockchain based. Companies like,, and fall into this category. Dream11 on the other hand is a major non-blockchain fantasy game platform provider.

The other set of classification could be in terms of fan experience engagement model. tries to bring sports and entertainment together. on the other hand is trying to increase fan engagement through community voice using blockchain enabled fan tokens.

The open opportunities in the era of emergence of newer ways of sports engagement are sports prediction, bringing e-sports also under the ambit of sports fantasy, identification of newer ways of business models which can draw fans closer to the sports and sports personalities they love and making overall experience fantasy sports more fun and more engaging.

Current Players in Fantasy Gaming in India

In India, Dream11 is the biggest player both in terms of revenue and no. of active users. The factor that goes in their favor is their early mover advantage. Apart from that they also cover a range of sports starting from cricket, kabaddi, NBA, football, and hockey. They have the biggest brand recall and user engagement. Other emerging players are MyTeam11 and Halaplay.