Revenue Streams

The revenue streams can broadly be bucketed into 3 categories:

  • Fantasy & Quizzing revenue:

    The platform will monetize its user base by charging a micro-fee for all transactions completed on it. However, the act of voting & making decisions as a fan once they’ve purchased $RAGE will always be free. Fees will be gathered from all of the following major transaction/trade points either a very small percentage amount of transactions or as a set percentage fee, depending on the service type

    All P2P transactions conducted on the platform’s marketplace for fans buying and selling ownership of Tokens will be subject to a micro-fee.

  • NFT revenue: This covers a fee from:
    • Sale of NFTs
    • When a NFT resale happens on the marketplace
  • Ad revenue: There are three potential areas where Rage.Fan generates advertisement revenue.
    • In-app advertising: Placements of banners within the app. Users can be incentivized to click on the ad and view it entirely to collect $RAGE at the end
    • Sponsored Content: Brands can partner with Rage.Fan to create in game collectibles or player avatars.
    • Virtual mining: Physical shops can partner with Rage.Fan to increase users’ walk-ins