Product Layer


uNFTs (Utility NFTs pronounced uNifts) are Action Cards where the word “action” here refers to the card depicting the flagship, trademark or identifiable action of the player. For example, Dhoni’s helicopter shot or Imran Tahir’s wicket celebration. The uNFTs will be limited in circulation and each card will have a multiplier associated which will help the owner of the card earn a multiplier.


Scramble is the world’s first GeoNFTs platform —merging AR, Token drop, and NFTs for a gaming experience like never before. Users will hunt for $RAGE tokens and collect them to their wallets. Scramble will also provide a chance for users to buy uNFTs by visiting the locations where we have activated them.

Sports Oracle

Rage. Fan will bring to you everything you need to know about your favorite sport, team, and player. All the data will be decentralized, validated, and will be available for perpetuity.

Fantasy Sports

Rage.Fan is a fan-first on-chain decentralized fantasy sports platform. In addition to the thrill and rewards that the players associate with such a platform, Rage.Fan allows players to use their uNFTs to get an edge over other players. The platform aims to create a transparent system where the user decisions and teams are etched in smart contracts. Systems can't manipulate the outcome. The Rage.Fan platform brings in both the online sports format of fantasy sports and quizzing in the same portal. Users can access subsequently and play via web and mobile platforms.

Technology Layer

Our products are built using NodeJS full stack for web and Android, iOS and Flutter technologies for mobile applications and use MongoDB and MSSQL databases. NodeJS is a robust technology stack, scaleable, fast-processing and event-based mode and widely used, it has proven to be an undisputed leader among the most popular programming languages.

We are deploying Geo-Location based token distribution using Augmented Reality (AR). AR is an improved variant of reality generated using technology to overlay the information (in our case the tokens and NFTs).

Biconomy provides us the transaction infrastructure for next-generation Web 3.0 applications. We are using Biconomy’s powerful and intuitive APIs to enable a simple and customized transaction journey, providing the end users of the dApp a seamless experience devoid of blockchain complexities. Biconomy’s helps us provide a gasless experience for the users of Rage.Fan platform

Polygon (erstwhile Matic Network) is a leading Layer 2 scaling solution provider on the Ethereum blockchain. Polygon uses an adapted version of the Plasma framework along with Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus-based side chains to improve scalability considerably. Using a two-way peg between the main blockchain and the sidechain, Polygon divides the workload between the two to massively scale transactions.

Polygon will help us scale transactions in a cost efficient and reliable manner. Even when our platform experiences heavy traffic, we will be able to guarantee a seamless and uninterrupted best-in-class fantasy sports experience to fans.