Rage.Fan is a fan-first decentralized sports platform. Rage Fan is built on the Binance platform and blockchain technology. The platform aims to create a transparent system where the user decisions and teams are etched in smart contracts. Systems can't manipulate the outcome. The Rage.Fan platform brings in both the online sports format of fantasy sports and predictions markets in the same portal. Users can access subsequently and play via web and mobile platforms.

Features in Rage Fan:

  • Automated market creation
  • Multisport
  • Leaderboard
  • Liquidity provision
  • Analytics and player analysis
  • Trade positions
Fantasy Sports Product Overview

Fantasy sports platforms utilize the blockchain to initiate competitions and connect participants. The participants have the freedom to create matches or participate in a virtual match. The participants can create their own teams from virtual players who are the real-world players' game versions. Users can create multiple versions of their team to maximize winning probabilities.

Rage Fan employs data from real-world sports/matches/events to allot points to players and fantasy team. The price list is predetermined, and based on the real-world outcome, the winners are determined. The smart contract can be executed, and the winners can withdraw their earnings without any restrictions.

The players use their $RAGE tokens to participate in the game and withdraw as $Rage tokens.

Fantasy Sports Product

Step 1 - Select the sports category such as cricket, football, basketball, hockey, etc.

In beta launch only cricket will be launched as the sport option. Other sports will be added subsequently as per the timeline.

Step 2 - Select a match or create a match to participate

Step 3 - Choose your fantasy team from the combination of players from both sides of the team.

Each player has specific points and total points for a team to choose from. For example, a cricket match will have 100 points and 11 players to choose from. Each player is awarded points from 0-12 on the basis of their consistency and performance.

Step 4 - On selecting all players needed for the team the participant can join the game pool with a participation fee.

Step 5 - Based on the number of players and participation fees the winning slabs are calculated.

Step 6 - Players can participate with one or more teams till the end of closing time.

Step 7 - Players can also buy multiple positions with the same team.

Step 8 - Post the closing time participants can trade their positions or liquidate his position.

Step 9 - Once the real match is completed, based on real life performance of the player points are allocated to the virtual player. Virtual players' scores are added up and the team's score is calculated. Based on the final score the winners are decided and payments transferred to participants via smart contract.

Below are the points system for cricket. Points system for other games like football, baseball, etc., this will be announced during the feature launch.

A. Batting Points

B. Bowling Points

C. Fielding points

Let’s take a use case of a run out involving 3 or more players from the fielding team. The points will be given only to the last 2 players who caused the run out.

D. Other Points

The reward pool will be 90% of the total money invested in the pool. This percentage will be reviewed by Rage.Fan platform and updated as per market scenario.

Sample payout matrix

Assuming 200000 $Rage has to be distributed as rewards, below is one of the combinations to distribute the rewards. The market creator of the particular segment will be able to select the number of winners and enable reward distribution.

Sports Quizzing Product Overview

Sports Quizzing allows users to participate in Q&A sessions during matches based on real life sports history such as Kabaddi, cricket, Football, Tennis, Rugby, Golf, Volleyball, NBA, etc. The Q&A session will be conducted in the same sport as that of fantasy sport. Only users who have taken a position in the fantasy sport can participate in a Q & A session.

Quizzing Market Process:

  • Users who have entered a contest in the fantasy sport can participate in the Quizzing session
  • Only one position can be used by the user for participation in Quizzing session
  • Bonus points for each question will be given along with the question notification